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Some of my books:

High-Assurance Design

Find the first chapter here. This book was written after leaving my company, Digital Focus (acquired by Command Information in 2006), and was based on my experiences as CTO. Digital Focus was an early adopter of Agile methods (eXtreme Programming), and the book describes how high assurance systems can be built using Agile methods.


Advanced Java 2 Development For Enterprise Applications (Sun Microsystems' first "entrprise Java" book)

Advanced Java Development For Enterprise Applications

Second Edition

My first book and its second edition, which was adopted into the Sun Microsystems Java Series.

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3D (wire frame) Special Relativity Simulator (written for MS-DOS many years ago, so you need to run it in a DOS VM):

Why does this page look so old-fashioned?

Answer: This is my personal page - I don't spend any time on it!

Why does this page just use HTML, instead of, say, React or Angular?

Answer: Javascript is the primary Web attack vector, so why would I embed it in my pages unless I really need it? Single page Web apps make sense for applications, but not for Web pages. The fact that Javascript frameworks are used for plain Web pages is a failure of the Web ecosystem.